Wine Pull

How often do you get a chance to pay $30 for a bottle of wine worth hundreds of dollars? Not very often! But at the Spa Creek Wine & Arts Festival, we will be hosting a wine pull that will give you a chance to do exactly that.

The Wine Pull occurs as follows: Contributors donate bottles of wine ranging in retail value from $12 to hundreds of dollars (cash is also accepted and will be used expressly to purchase bottles that fit in desired price ranges). These individual bottles will be placed in brown paper bags and made available for purchase on-site (please note that consumption of this wine at the Festival is expressly prohibited by law).

At the Festival, guests have the opportunity to choose from the available bags by paying $30 per selection, with one lucky buyer receiving a bottle worth hundreds of dollars! All proceeds will go the Kevin E. Reichardt Foundation and the St. Mary’s Alumni Association Scholarship Endowment Fund and the average bottle of wine will have a retail value of over $30. How often do you have the opportunity to take a chance on something where odds are that you will come out ahead while helping out a great cause???? This is it!

To make this possible, we do need donations of bottles of wine or cash that we can use to purchase the bottles to be used. If you wish to contribute either way, please contact

Thank you…. and good luck!